Role Quiz

You would like to...

Support babies and toddlers (0-3 yrs) with their families to ensuring that they have a safe and nurturing environment to grow up in.

Give guidance to young minds (10 – 17 years), encouraging them to make positive choices and helping them achieve happiness and independence as they journey towards adulthood

Provide a young person (16-18) with the life-skills they need to transition into independent living and support them make the right choices for their future.

Contribute towards the care and support that allows adults with physical or mental challenges to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Support adults with mental & physical challenges including their personal care and ensure that they feel safe and dignified in these moments.

Guide the growth and development of young people in a school learning environment, adapting to their varying needs, aspirations, emotions and challenges.

Get outdoors, whatever the weather, engaging groups of adults and children in a variety of physical activities.

Travel to different locations to provide support in people’s home environments, rather than working in the same place everyday.

Have a schedule that’s a bit different from the standard 9-5, with unconventional shift patterns that better suit your lifestyle.

Work independently, supported by the organisation but carrying out day-to-day responsibilities on your own

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