5 Reasons Climbing Rocks!

Thinking about learning to climb?
If you are looking to challenge yourself and your fitness regime then get into rock climbing; a great way to build strength and endurance. This doesn’t mean you have to channel your inner Stallone and scale a craggy peak. Now you can learn to climb in the relative comfort and safety of an indoor climbing centre near you. There are plenty of reasons for climbing indoors rather than out, because clambering up a wet cliff on a Saturday afternoon, avoiding hypothermia, avalanches and hazardous terrain is probably NOT your best idea. On a serious note, there are plenty of benefits in learning to climb, both indoors and out. Check out our Introduction to Outdoor Climbing for more information.
Appealing to a range of ages and abilities, rock climbing has evolved into an indoor sport that is accessible to the masses.
What does climbing do for your body?
Indoor rock climbing offers the same health benefits as a good workout at the gym! Using multiple muscle groups in both the upper and lower areas of your body, this workout will definitely get your heart racing. Burn through those calories! Rock climbing is pure cardio, flaming between 8 and 10 calories per minute. Climbing strengthens muscles while having a really low impact on joints, appealing immediately to those who don’t want to pound the pavements, preferring to preserve their knees. You will find that your strength and grip will markedly improve the more you practice.
5 Reasons why indoor climbing rocks
#1 Safety First Come forward and step into your harness! Your climbing harness will be your new best friend, ensuring that you are safely secured as you enjoy your climb and descent. With indoor climbing, its safety first, ensuring the perfect environment for noobs to learn.
Top tip: Wear comfortable clothes that you can really move and stretch in.
#2 Any Weather Come rain, shine, ice, snow and any other weather condition you can name; indoor climbing is accessible all year round. The indoor climb allows you to test your vertical limits no matter what the weather has planned.
#3 Social Enjoy the support of experienced instructors and like-minded individuals who are learning the ropes as well as you. A great place to make new and lasting friendships, rock climbing is renowned for being a tight-knit sport. Sharing wall space and controlling the rope for each other are all great ways to bond.
#4 Child-Friendly It’s not just adults who can ascend the wall, kids can too! Climbing enables children to discover problem-solving skills and refine coordination like no other activity. Literally thinking on their feet, children will need to quickly figure out the best position for their hands to rescue them from tricky situations. Get them involved with a climbing course specifically designed for younger children working towards their first climbing award. With climbing clubs running through most school holidays, this is a great way to keep kids engaged and active all year round.
#5 Never Boring With a variety of walls available in each facility; from beginner to overhanging advanced, new moves to learn, techniques to improve, you can say goodbye to your repetitive weekend gym class. Adrenaline is a free perk of climbing so enjoy the rush!
Wondering how to try indoor climbing? We won’t leave you on a cliffhanger… head to Audley Climbing Centre. From taster to fully coached, you can find the session that fits.
The guys down at Audley are committed to championing high-quality, indoor learning from dedicated instructors. Accredited to deliver both NIMBAS (National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme) and NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) courses, you are in experienced hands.