Dan Empowers Independence Through Volunteering at Kemp Hospice

The Grove’s support enables Dan to secure a voluntary position, pursuing his passion for art and helping the community.

Dan, a person we support at Accomplish’s The Grove service for the past five years, is embracing independence and fulfilling his passion for art by securing a voluntary position at a local charity, Kemp Hospice. The Grove, a residential home that provides support and empowerment for individuals with acquired brain injuries, has played a pivotal role in Dan’s journey towards independence.

At the age of 14, Dan was involved in a car accident that left him with an acquired brain injury. Despite the challenges he’s faced, Dan remained determined to pursue his passion for art and make a positive impact in his community. With the support of The Grove’s dedicated team, he expressed his wish to volunteer at Kemp Hospice, a local charity known in the community that host creative therapy workshops.

Drawing from his previous experience volunteering at a cattery, Dan was enthusiastic about giving back to the community. Combining his passion for art and his desire to help others, he reached out to Kemp Hospice in Kidderminster to inquire about available voluntary roles. Impressed by Dan’s dedication, Kemp Hospice invited him for an interview, leading to him successfully securing a position in the creative therapy workshops.

The creative therapy workshops at Kemp Hospice offer hospice patients various activities, including painting, ceramics, cake decorating, and horticulture. With his artistic flair, Dan has been creating beautiful pieces of art for fellow residents of The Grove as well as staff members. Notably, Dan has started a heartwarming tradition at The Grove, where he welcomes new staff members by painting personalised artworks based on their favourite colours and animals.

Dan’s new voluntary position at Kemp Hospice has allowed him to further express his creativity and continue developing his skills. When asked about his experience, Dan expressed, “I enjoy it, and I enjoy helping out other people.” His dedication and positive attitude have earned him admiration and respect from both the staff at The Grove and his peers.

Naz Bashir, Service Manager at The Grove, spoke highly of Dan, stating, “We are really proud of Dan. He has so many strengths and is an inspiring young man. How he’s overcome everything and where he is now remains so positive.”

Dan’s story exemplifies the transformative impact of support and encouragement provided by The Grove and other organisations like Kemp Hospice. By fostering an environment that values individual interests and needs, these initiatives empower people like Dan to lead fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

As Dan continues to thrive in his voluntary role, his journey stands as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that with determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals and positively impact the world around them.