Support Worker to Service Manager: A Journey of Progression and Success in the Care Sector

We had the privilege of speaking to Jayne Daniels, Service Manager at Accomplish’s Westholme service, where she spoke to us about her journey in the care sector, spanning an impressive 18 years. Join us as we delve into Jayne’s inspiring career progression and explore the invaluable experiences she has gained throughout her dedicated work in the field of care.

Well, where do I start? Eighteen years ago, I began my job at Tracs… as it was known then. Prior to this, I had spent 15 years working at the Rover car factory, which I loved. Unfortunately, it closed down, leaving me in need of a job ASAP. I attended the job fair in Cannon Hill Park with some Rover colleagues and applied for several positions. To be honest, I hadn’t considered a career in care, and I thought I would never hear back about it. But to my surprise, I received a call for an interview, and that’s where my story truly begins.

My first job was at Accomplish’s Maycroft service. At the time, my plan was to work there for just a few months before finding something else. Yet, here I am, 18 years later. On my very first day, I knew I had found something special. I instantly connected with colleagues and the people we support; everything about it felt right. I spent a couple of years there, starting as a Grade 1 Support Worker and eventually becoming a Grade 2 Key Worker. Despite the challenges the home presented, the excellent training I received equipped me well to handle any situation.

After Maycroft, I spent a brief period at Accomplish’s Westholme service, where I became a Grade 3 Shift Leader. It was a demanding and busy home at the time, however, I persevered, even during the difficult times.

Then came the opportunity for a promotion to Senior Support Worker at Accomplish’s Evergreen service. Naturally, I applied and was fortunate enough to be selected. I spent several years at Evergreen, acquiring new skills that propelled me further in my career.  Colleagues and the people we supported there were wonderful, and even after all this time, I still hold a deep affection for both Evergreen and the people who live there, just as I do for those at Maycroft. These experiences were pivotal in shaping my expertise and knowledge, essential for my current role.

From Evergreen, I advanced once again, this time to the position of Deputy Home Manager at my previous workplace, Westholme. I had established a great rapport with the manager there, and working alongside him allowed me to further develop my skills and gain valuable experience. I found contentment in my role as Deputy and believed that was the extent of my ambitions.

However, when the manager resigned, he encouraged me to apply for the Service Manager position. Initially, I declined, as I was satisfied with my current responsibilities. Why take on the added burden? But with the support and faith of others, who believed I was up to the task, I reconsidered and applied. Much to my delight, I was offered the job.

Reflecting on the past 18 years, my journey has been filled with various emotions: hardships, exhaustion, challenges, frustrations, joy, rewards, and so much more. Above all, it has been an incredible journey—one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I have a profound love for my job, and it brings me immense happiness every day. I come to work driven by the desire to make a difference in the lives of the individuals we support, ensuring their happiness and safety. I can’t envision myself doing any other job.

So, I suppose the moral of my story is that everyone has the potential to advance in their careers. The opportunities are limitless. Don’t hesitate—go for it!