Alternative Therapies at Fairford Court

Accomplish’s Fairford Court has introduced alternative therapies to improve the physical and mental wellness of the people supported by the service. The service is offering yoga and meditation to help reduce stress, chronic pain, and blood pressure as well as pet therapy and daily power walks.

There has been great enthusiasm for the activities, with groups of up to five people taking part. Feedback has also been positive, with many commenting on how good it makes them feel. The reception has been so positive, extra sessions have been added.

While still a new addition to what’s on offer at Fairford Court, because of the positive response and outcomes being seen, the activities may become a permanent part of daily life at the home.

Foyinsola Ojomo, a Support Worker at Fairford Court, said: ” These therapies can help people become more mindful of what causes stress and anxiety. Looking to the future, based on what we have seen so far, we would highly recommend alternative therapies to the people we support.

“We also see the potential for these therapies to help people we support progress into the community independently. The introduction of alternative therapies has been a positive step towards providing holistic care to the people at Fairford Court, and we are excited to continue this journey to provide the best care we can to the people in the service.”