Personal journeys; Saddia

“I want to drive diversity & inclusion further”
Meet Saddia
Home Manager - Children's Residential

Saddia has been with Keys for about 7 years and is one of the founding members of the EDI Forum. Find out how she became a residential home manager and an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion.

What does an average day look like for you?
A typical day for me an look like a lot of different things. Sometimes, I have a lot of meetings in relation to the young people, for example LAC reviews, education and occasionally safeguarding/risk management but we've managed to grow into a very settled home so they don't have to happen very often. We recently had a child move out into foster care while another joined us here at Millhouse, my team and I's hard work has really paid off to make those transitions pretty seamless.

What is your main responsibility as a Home Manager?
One of my main roles is to give my staff the skills and the tools they need to manage the young people and their behaviours. equally, as the one person who is in the home every day, i make sure to have my door open and spend some time with the young people once they get back from school. My deputy and I also take one child out a week, for a little activity or ice cream, to give us that 1 on 1 quality time that gives them the chance to bring up anything they might want to talk to us about.

How did the opportunity to become a founding member of the EDI Forum come about?
I chose to do my Future Leadership presentation on Diversity in the Workforce as i felt that there was a lack of diversity, especially considering how large the company is and the multicultural cities we're located in. David Manson, the CEO, already had diversity on his agenda, so two days later we set up the Inclusion Work Group which led to the formation of the Keys EDI Forum. I'm still looking to drive the subject of diversity and inclusion even further and have put myself forward to be part of teaching it to others too.

How did you get to where you are today in your career?
Before I discovered Keys Group I was a qualified social worker for the local authority. After a while, as a single mum, I felt like i needed a break. That's when i spotted an advert for a residential support worker with Keys. I remember my interviewer really put me at ease, she as really friendly. In the end, it turned out that i was overqualified but was recommended to go for the senior role at Millhouse Residential. After a year, I thought I might be ready to go back to social work, however my manager, regional manager and HR all really wanted me to go for a managerial position that opened up...and that's where I've been for the last 7 years.
Saddia's Journey

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Residential Social Worker Senior Support Worker Deputy Manager Home Manager

An established practitioner who can build relationships and support those new to the sector.

Lvl 3 Appr. required.

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Aspiring Leaders Prog. Lvl 4 Appr. - 18 months

An encouraging manager who has built strong relationships and is developing leadership skills.

Lvl 4 Appr. required.

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Emerging Leaders Prog. Lvl 5 Appr. - 18 months

An enthusiastic manager with the confidence to lead a residential home and liaise with regional managers.

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Future Leadership Prog. Completing Lvl 5


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